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Not sure of a suitable title, but hey.

My mum was taken into hospital on the 28th. I went straight there and stopped for a few hours before returning the following day.
I returned home with all being well ( mum was getting better and looked much better ) only to be awoken in the early hours of the morning by a massive gut ache and the need to spew and err something else.

Normally I would have put this down to having been close to my mum and caught it from here, but then discovered that my brother in law also caught this same virus, and he was never near her!

I cant say im really filled with confidence at having caught a virus from the hospital, I thought they were there to aid others better, not cause them to feel ill.

Has anyone else encountered similar scenarios or was a fluke I wonder?
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Yes, you are not alone. Exactly the same happened to my wife's grandad who was admitted for one day on the 21st. The result was the same type of 'bug' you wrote about being spread throughout the family. We believe it was going around the hospital. Not nice at any time, especialy Christmas. Lets hope everyone has a happier & healthier new year.
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And some of us have to work in that enviroment.

It can happen, about a month again Bedford hospital was closed to visitors due to a S&D bug.

When visiting a hospital it is important to follow good hygiene procedures. You should use the alcohol hand wash before entering the ward, to prevent taking infections in. And wash your hands and disinfect again before leaving.

But the most important is ALWAYS was your hand before eating.




Thats exactly what I did. This is whats not just confused us but also annoyed us.
Im in mind to think its either airborn within the hospital or its a water infection as this is the only other thing both I and my Brother in law had from there.

I also just found out that a month or two back the hospital that my sisters boyfriend was in had 3 wards completely shut down due to infections, he then also brought home a virus upon being discharged. However we didnt visit him or he or his family didnt visit us.
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Hi All,

Because of the nature of my job (I work on Chemical Dosing Systems on Cruise Ships and Ferries) I hear all too often about D&V Cases - you hear about it more on cruise ships because of the speed in which it propagates.

It only takes ONE person to bring it on, who will then mingle with people in surrounding cabins, who will in turn spread it to others.

A lot of this is not down to the fact that the place is dirty by any means (Cruise Ships are generally the cleanest places in the world - better and higher standards than you'll find in a hotel and some hospitals!)

Anyway, I digress.. you'll find that you might have picked up a bacteria from a contact surface anywhere in the hospital.

Despite having their alcohol hand sanitizers at every bed and at the entrance to wards, some people choose to ignore them and will not wash their hands during their visiting period to the hospital.

Here's a link to my company with information on D&V or Norovirus and hows it's transmitted, just as a general piece of info for anyone concerned.