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Hifi stereo loudspeakers

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Hifi stereo loudspeakers

Are there any electronics buffs out there who could offer me some advice on stereo loudspeakers ?

I have two hifi systems, one small, one larger. I want to add some extra speakers to one or possibly both of them, so I can listen to them in another room. I have two spare sets of speakers from previous systems, either two small speakers which are 10 watt nominal, 30 watt output, 4 ohms impedence, or two old large ones which are 15 watt nominal, 40 watt music but I don't know the ohms; these are in a nice cabinet and I would prefer to use these if possible.

However, I am worried about damaging the amplifier if they are the wrong size. I am not worried about damaging the speakers because if they don't work with the system, I have lost nothing.

So my question is can anyone tell me if there is a risk of me damaging the amplifier if I used the wrong speakers with it. I think the amplifier of one hifi set is 30 - 80 watts. The alternative hifi set is much smaller - it is just a Panasonic midi system.

I do not like to play music loud, so I probably waste most of the power in the amplifiers in any case. I realise that if I overloaded the speakers, I could blow the speakers. But my concern is the other way round; could the speakers blow the amplifier, especially the smaller amplifier ?

If anyone knows the answer, I would be grateful. I just do not understand enough about electronics myself.

RE: Hifi stereo loudspeakers

If you are near a Richer Sounds go and buy a b-tech speaker extension box, run the single cables from your hi-fi and into the box, then you can run 2 x sets of speakers from the box. As for the speakers the older ones certainly sound like 8 ohm, as most speakers are, there tend to be very few less than that available off the shelf. Do not under any circumstances go to superfi. They are a bunch of F#####g A######s who accuse their staff of theft when they havent done anything, then they sack them, get them arrested, follow them and get them sacked when they get another job! Plus you can never get a refund when they sell duff crapp.