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Help Networking on ADSL


Help Networking on ADSL

I have tryed to network to computers one being wireless and been having trouble with the ADSL droping out after being online for various times, 4 hours or more sometimes.
Is my router faulty D-Link 604+ ? or
Are my settings wrong ? or
Is there a problem with doing this with Force9 ADSL ?

Thank You

Help Networking on ADSL

i'm not sure if settings are wrong as nothing listed to help figure it out.

but firstly, setting up a router is easy - just use the configuration as per f9 website for the solwise, the settings will work on any router.

if the connection is idle it may disconnect, i'm not sure of this as only just gone adsl and still testing my settings.

for networking, your pc's and router must be in same subnet, with your pc's gateway/dns settings set to the router ip address, ie:

router =
pc1 = gateway/dns =
pc2 = as above

and so on and so on...

you must also remember to enable nat-translation on the router otherwise you won't get anywhere. And it also help to protect your network.