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Hello PlusNet, is there anyone there?


Hello PlusNet, is there anyone there?

For the past couple of days I have tried to speak to someone at PlusNet using the Premier Support lines. Is it me or is everyone at Plusnet trying to recover lost e-mail data, as I am not getting any reply... !

The reason for my call is that in May I asked to be upgraded to MaxDSL and was told to use place a Queue Jump request. 9 weeks later I am still waiting and all I get is a standard response to my questions through the portal.

I can't help but feel that the PlusNet customer support that I once knew and loved is now history. Am I alone is this view? Time to look for a new ISP perhaps?


Hello PlusNet, is there anyone there?

Haven't max upgrades been suspended until the problem with the BT systems are sorted out?

Hello PlusNet, is there anyone there?

Yes all Max upgrades have been suspended until further notice. HOWEVER you can still request to be upgraded manually and you will.

For users who requested a queue jump a couple of months ago, you will have to request to be upgraded to Max again, the reason being is that with the problems in the past on Max Plus dont wanna create more work for themselves by upgrading people regardless and all hell breaking loose.

If you want to be upgraded go to and re-register again.

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Hello PlusNet, is there anyone there?

Tom I think they've stopped the Q jumps now as well. Gimmie a minute and I'll find a linky...