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HTML in cgi-bin?


HTML in cgi-bin?

I am building a site that relys on quite a few forms to work. I have FormArtist by QUask (Which seems to be able to do everything I need).
When setting up a profile I am asked for an "HTML Folder" and a "DATA Folder" can I point to cgi-bin for both? in which case do I publish the entire website in cgi-bin, or does cgi-bin link to htdocs?

As you can see I don't even know how to formulate the question! If anyone can put mr on the right track I would really appreciate it.

Many thanks

HTML in cgi-bin?

You can set up your form page on the homepages server. What you will need though is a formmail script which lives in your cgi-bin. You will need to put the path to your script in the POST section of your form so that when you submit, the relevant information is collected and sent to it's destination. A good source for your script is: