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HELP ME PLEASE!!!! cgi stuff


HELP ME PLEASE!!!! cgi stuff

Ive created a website on homepages.,f9 and have used dreamweaver. Ive put a feedback form on cgi but when you click a link, the pages then run off the cgi server..... so any .\images\ etc links no longer work as the site is being accessed of a different server if you get what i mean. All i can think of is to change all the links to fully qualified names but this wont help when im testing it at home on my server.

Is there anyway to point my domain name to the cgi server in a directory. Im really stuck on what i can do. Ive tried uploading the whole site to cgi instead of homepages but you have to put everything in root which is no good as it will get messy....

at the moment ive just uploaded the site to both servers so the links work so the directory is the dsame on both servers

does anyone have any ideas at allHuhHuh


HELP ME PLEASE!!!! cgi stuff

I'm afraid you have already answered your own question. The two servers are completely different. If you want to test it at home, maybe just upload an images directory to crofters so they can be accessed locally.