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I have an Intenet Monitor which quite happily tells me I'm connected at 576,000bps.
Have also tweaked and tuned system until the F9's ADSL speed checker tells me that my set up is running at a fair speed.

But why do I get long periods of no/hung activity.
When clicking on a link I see the IE world/logo go round and round but my Internet Monitor tells me that I'm not downloading any data.
-->> Down loading at 0.00KBps
After some several seconds, could be as many as 30, the data streams down and I get the page(s) I've been waiting for.
Have also kicked of OutLook Express at the same time as these hangs occur and that also hangs.
It's almost like I'm connected to a time slicing/sharing device and it's not my turn to received anything.

It was for this reason I moved from my 56K modem to ADSL..
Friends, who have ADSL via Cable and BT, don't seem to get these hangs..
Is this a Force9 issue??

Kind regards, Chris.


Is this any where or only on certain sites?

It might be a routing issue to certain areas of the net, What happens when you get a hang, open a new window and goto, it's only two hops from Plus net so it's a good test for stuff like this Wink If that takes more than a second or so it's almost certainly your machine or a problem at the exchange.

Hanging replying

Just to add comment, I have never had the problem/s you outlined and I have been on a force9/BT ADSL connection since 2002. So I would confirm that its either your machine or your BT connection (phoneline). Have you tried to reset the line card at the local exchange by disconnecting your current DSL session, leave disconnected for 20-30 this will force the DSL card at the exchange to reset and then reconnect your system.

See if the same problem can be repeated or duplicated, if so I would contact BT's DSL tech support team I found them most helpful. They rebalanced & tuned my DSL line, as the line had a higher than normal noise level (in DB's) which was causing dropped connections, after the BT engineer adjusted the "gain" on the line after which the the problem was solved. I'm not saying its exactly the same for you but its worth contacting BT to run daignostics on your line just in case the problem is with BT,etc. As its free then you have nothing to loose by trying this.

**You dont say what hardware or OS your using?? this might have some bearing on the issue.



thanks for both replies.
When I have had these conditions I've launched a new browser window and gone to thinking that's whom I'm connected to.
Just figured that if that didn't give a fairly instant response then I don't know what..
But it doesn't.
That window updates at the same time as any others that are just sitting there.

I'm using the F9 supplied Binatone modem and running Win98SE

Have now set a book mark for and will let you know what happens.

How/who do I call for the BT suggestions. Might sound like a dumb question but I assume they have a different support line for ADSL as opposed to voice. F9 did all the BT side of my connection so I have no knowledge/experience in this area.


Replying Re: Hanging

Hi Chris,

OK to contact BT DSL Tech Support what you need to do is either phone the BT operator or the free BT customer services phone number with in office hours (I assume 9-5pm mon - fri) and ask if they can transfer you or put you through the broadband or DSL support engineers. If the person asks what its about tell them that you are having some technical problems with the DSL and would like an DSL engineer to run some diagnostics on your line if possible.

I was transferred quite quickly and the people I spoke too were reasonably helpfull,sympathetic and listened well to my description of the problem and told me what they would do and how long it would take,etc. Good luck with that will be most interested to hear your experience.



if as you stated that you had the same problem when using dialup connection, surely that would point to a problem with your machine rather than anything else??

although when i had an old win98 machine with broadband i found it was much more sluggish and prone to problems when using a usb modem.

USB support on 98 is nowhere near as good as 2000/XP based machines



I find HTTP access is erratic from time to time
The usual symptom is following links which give you a white page with no progress, then suddenly there is activity after a wait of between 10 and 30 seconds (unlike normal which is fairly constant)

I find is usually the most common to slow down, and use this as an idication of "how bad it is"
I've also reported this on numerous occasions to F9 support, but all they ask for is the URLs I am having difficulty with!
"General viewing, interrupted by lack of activity"


Thanks to all for the replies.
Next week I have the opportunity to talk with BT, which is probably better than just before the New Year, so I will post their response and outcome.

Thanks again to all, Chris.

For Slow Downs In Traffic

Glad to hear that you've been in touch with BT & hope you get some positive progress, will be interested in the out come of that.

**For anyone who wants to check on slow downs in speeds across the wider global (as well as UK) internet then this site is invaluable. The URL is:-

Ivan Cool

New user of F9 - I also experience "hanging"

In common with the user that posted this message I have been using adsl for about 2 weeks now and suffer the same. I initially thought that when it happened that I was connecting to addresses where the server was not fast enough or very busy at that time :?

Internet Slow downs & sites


What nobody is mentioning here is the fact that even with ADSL speeds and bandwidths are NOT guarenteed (neither by F9 nor by BT or other telco's). You should also be aware that there are a huge number of technical factors that influence your experience of ADSL speeds.

Just to mention a few here, the kind of computer (cpu & memory,etc) you are using including the operating system, the network connection type (modem,router,dailup connection etc),
how far away from your local exchange, how far away from your ISP (pop),the level of packet loss on your connection to the site your viewing, how many routers or connections your requests for pages (data)must travel over & return to you, general wider internet & transnational web connections,weather conditions (inc solar & electromagnetic conditions,sometimes called space wheather,etc). Any physical links that are down or any major routing loss. All of these things influence your subjective experience of how fast (good) or poor (crap) you think the internet is at that time. Also the power & speed of the server/site that your trying to connect to or view.

As I said there are quite a number of factors that influence your own experience,so its all relative to what you expect. Oh! and I didnt even mention contention or the vast numbers of users/traffic from other countries when they come online in the morning like the USA again such things also influence.

Ivan :lol:


I have the luxury of direct access to the LINX network (as a TeleCity server customer)
It is strange that when my F9 service goes erratic, if I dial into my own server (dialup) it is "normal"...
Normally, if my ADSL service stops responding I try the F9 dialup to compare, and if this is slow then I see if the 0845 support has a recorded message about slow/technical problems

Replying Re: Slow services

Hi mjkerr,

I take your point but I dont think thats a very helpful comparison as your NOT comparing like for like technologies (dialup verses broadband). OK Yes! its true these both go (flow) over BT copper at some point. But they are not going to be routed in the same way & I suspect that a modem connection to your server may well actually involve less routing than an ADSL type connection.

**Its not always possible to pin point the precise reasons why a connection slows down or speeds up again. As I said there are an aweful lot of variable factors that influnece the connection speeds & data through puts.

Best Regards Ivan


My connection started to run slow at 00:10 so I started to try and pinpoint where the problem was
I disconnected and connected to F9 4000 dialup, this line was fine
I disconnected and connected to F9 2000 dialup (which should be slightly slower), and this too was as expected and fine
I disconnected and reconnected to DSL, and the performance was exactly the same as earlier, slow and patchy

I test this by visiting this website,,, and
In all cases it was about 3 minutes before the <title></title> source code appeared and a further 30 seconds for the entire HTML was completed

Now if that isn't the DSL that is under performing, then what is it?