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Groaner of a joke


Groaner of a joke

A businessman was in Japan to make a presentation to the Toyota
motor people. Needless to say, this was an especially important
deal, and it was imperative that he make the best possible

On the morning of the presentation he awoke to find himself
passing gas, in large volumes, with the unpleasant
characteristic of sounding like "HONDA." The man was besides
himself. Every few minutes "HONDA", "HONDA"....

Unable to stop this aberrant behavior, and in desperate need to
terminate these odious and rather embarrassing emissions, he
sought a physicians aid. After a full examination, the doctor
told him that there was nothing inherently wrong with him and
that he would just have to wait it out.

Being unwilling to accept this state of affairs he visited a
second and then a third doctor all of whom told him the same
thing. Finally one medic suggested that he visit a dentist.
Well, although he could not see how a dentist was going to be
of any help, he visited one anyway.

Lo and behold, the dentist said, "Ah, there's the problem!"
"What is it?" the man asked. "Why you have an abscess," said
the dentist. "An abscess? How could that be causing my
problem?" asked the man. "That's easy," replied the dentist.
"Why everyone knows...

Abscess makes the fart go Honda!"

Groaner of a joke

Seemed better when I read the punchline in a Japanese (at least in my head) accent.
Times change, but the standard of humour I'm pleased to see remains static Cheesy