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Give4Free BHO


Give4Free BHO

Just a heads up on this little monster.

While cleaning up the boot disk (doze) I came across a folder called Give4Free. Being the suspicious type, and the fact I couldn't remember installing anything like this, a quick google later gave me this.....

With comments like

Retrieve content.
Collect computer user usage information in an anonymous manner.
Update partner and charity information.
Update user information.

I'm happy to say this little object is no more....Funny though, with all the precautions i take, I still get goofed with this, suppose I better read the small print next time Smiley


Sneeking Malware

Hi Graham,

This is a typical nasty little scam!, a deliberate shading of the truth hidden in spurious sounding words or phrases designed to cons people. Listen if someone is determined enough & sets out to con you or me then you'll (we'll)probably be conned unless you are VERY sharp or have seen or know about such a scam. It is completely designed to catch users out, sounds great like your getting something for free i.e. freeware Avatar images but its just a smoke screen to fool you into installing their malware or data mining programs,etc.

**Its based on the assumption that the end user/s WONT be bothered to read the Microsoft style license agreement screen with all its dry & boring legal stuff.

**YES! its truly easy to be wise after the event!! :lol: think of it as more like a cyber rite of passage! eventually most experenced users have been there & like you got that T shirt.


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Give4Free BHO

Quite true Ivan Smiley

At least I now know the weakest link in my security is me ! :shock:


Read The Small Print,Ivan


Just watch out for things that pretend to be free (look very very carefully!! before you ever download anything off the web) or freeware. I always virus check any file/s I've downloaded off the internet before I install them, just as a final precaution.

Also "do" read through the small print both on the site itself before downloading any files and when the license agreement screen comes up during setup process.