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Getting the newer web portals to work on cgi space..


Getting the newer web portals to work on cgi space..

Hi I posted quite a while ago about not being able to install the post nuke web portal on my cgi space.. I had to eventually resort to and older version which didn't use the drop tables command. I'm just wondering has anybody managed to get the newer versions which use the drop table command working on f9/plusnet? how have u gone about this? anyone got any suggestions...?

The auto installs always fail because of the drop table problems Sad Why don't they allow us to drop tables anyway!!!

I have currently got a very old version of post nuke installed but would like to try the newer versions if possible. I have myphpadmin installed on my webspace. I'm new to this so keep it fairly simple please Smiley



RE: Getting the newer web portals to work on cgi space..

I've been using postnuke quite a lot recently for a clients project, however I do have another host which actually trusts you to do as you wish with your data in your database.

But rant aside, I did a quick text search (nice little feature of Macromedia/Allaire Homesite) over the standard download of postnuke phoenix (0.723), which aside from the latest security patches is the most current version.

It looks to be honest that you're going to have a fair old bit of PHP editing on your hands. I'm not sure exactly what of the files in the html\install directory are used for a clean install and which for an upgrade, but look into mpn188.php, phpnuke{52,53,531,54}.php (curly braces are used to define a set for brevity), pn{4,5,63,64,7,71,7db}.php and tables_update.php Although I get the feeling that most of the mentioned files are just upgraders for previous versions, so you can probably ignore mpn188.php, phpnuke* and possibl the pn* ones, although I haven't delved in far enough to know what exactly is called during the install process.

Also after install the following files in modules may cause problems: html\modules\Quotes\pninit.php

Finally (and I haven't done further searches for these), the adodb layer that postnuke uses has some handy abstraction methods in so developers don't have to actually type queries. These are defined in html\pbadodb\pnTableDDL.php and html\pbadodb\drivers\ So you'd also have to look for calls to these methods/functions from other files and edit accordingly.

So just fixing the installer isn't all that needs doing as there's code that can be called by any module to provide DROP functionality present. Removing that code itself obviously is going to break stuff.

RE: Getting the newer web portals to work on cgi space..

Thanks for the reply

I'll have a mess around again tomorrow but I doubt I'll manage to get right far with it lol.

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR f9 u could make this alot simpler for everybody u know!!!