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Free Web Site Design


Free Web Site Design

I am currently trying to develop the website design area of my own company. In order to be able to do this realistically I need some good reference sites.

With this in mind I am currently offering a limited time, free web site design service. Go to <a href="" target="_blank"></a> and fill in the form or send an email detailing your requirements to <a href=""></a>.

The offer will probably be open for a week or two and I will then review the submissions and choose probably four or five sites to develop. I'm looking for a good mixture, so low-graphics, database-driven, graphical UI, etc. Let me know what you're looking for (possibly with URL of sites you like the look-and-feel of) and I'll see what I can come up with Smiley

<small>This offer is limited to the initial web site design and implementation and does not include ongoing maintenance or re-design.<br>Submission of a design request does not guarantee acceptance under this offer, though all requests will be reviewed.</small>

<b>Derek Lakin.</b>
<em>I wish I was what I thought I was when I wished I was what I am.</em>

<b><a href="" target="_blank">Salamander Software Ltd.</a></b>