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Fraud email to watch for


Fraud email to watch for

Following is the Latest fraud email in my box for sick mofo trying to cash in on other people misery.


Calvary Greetings.

I am a preacher with the End Time Ministry,and I will like
to get advice from you.I believe the advice I need is
secular to some extent,but do have the patience to
understand my intention.
Few months ago I was in Sri-Lanka where I was invited to
preach the Gospel in collaboration with some other
preachers from Sri-Lanka.On one fateful day after
ministration, one christian Missionary/ Philantropist from
Thailand came to meet me and gave my Ministry a donation
of US $8M towards the development of my Ministry.He made
arrangement afterwards and the fund was successfully
deposited in a Finance & Storage firm in Madrid.After a few

days,I travelled back to London to continue my Ministry.
When the TSUNAMI flood incident arose,I was intimated by a
fellow preacher from Sri Lanka that the
Missionary/Philantropist (MR.BOSCO WHENG) and his entire
family perished in this calamitous natural disaster.
I am interested in using a small fraction of this
money,much less than one percent for a reorganisation of
the work of God,but I do not need the rest and do not want
to have any direct dealing with it for I don,t want to lose
God ordained vision for my Ministry .Therefore I need
someone who will be able to use the fund for charity and
to support the Tsunami victims,I have thought of doing it
myself, but my ministry is the apocalypse and I believe and
preach the soon coming of the Lord which make me not to
indulge in reliance on money or wealth in any form.I will
be glad if you have any interest in the direction of maybe
managing or transmitting the fund as you prefer in your
capacity and understanding.
Please if you are interested,I would want you to send me
the following
1.Your legitimate name.

2.Your contact address.

3.Your phone number.

4.Your fax number.

5.Your occupation.

With all these informations,I will take it that you are
interested and will intimate you appropriately as you will
be required to travel to Madrid where the fund is deposited
in a Finance and Storage Firm to claim the funds as you
will have to obtain a copy of the Certificate of Deposit
and a letter of Change of Ownership that automatically
authorise you to claim the Deposited fund on my behalf
after I have liased with them and instruct them
I will be glad to get a response from you to show your
I am presently In the U.k{LONDON} where I am conducting a
deliverance service for cancer patients.
To further throw more lights on the procedures and
requirements involve in receiving this fund you can call me
on this number:+442070 600 459

Pastor James Brooks.

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