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Forum United


Forum United

I see in the takeover press announcement that Plusnet said:-

"It also plans to begin building a new community-support website which will bring together the discussion forums from its various portals, along with a news site, PlusNet staff blogs and community bookmarks. The site will launch in the spring.

How about combining FoL and Plusnet now, I asked for this a few years ago! I wonder when it will happen.

Forum United

As you quoted, the community site will bring together the discussion forums from its various portals.

This means that all Plusnet vISP's will share the one board.

FOL, F9, Metronet and Plusnet will all share the same discusion boards.

It'll be a worthwhile change, as it will stop duplication of effort across all the boards. It'll also give us, the community, access to more minds!

I think its great news; I haven't seen any firm dates/timescales yet, but I believe its in the specification stage ATM.

Does anybody have any things they would like to see changed/introduced/dropped?

Forum United

Yes, why not go the whole hog and unite all the portals and addresses too, i.e. I get 'rss' with all the typing of
BTW I would certainly offer my consulting services (BT rates) to design a new name for this service!

(Reality is I can't use my FoL address due to the spam)