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Force9 and a Linksys WAG54G

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Registered: 06-08-2007

Force9 and a Linksys WAG54G

Hi All
Hope to have BB up and runing on thw 22nd Thats what it says. I have orderd a Linksys WAG54G all in one. Has anyone used one of these on F9 BB or can anyone give me any problems I might encounter.

At the moment My set up is 3 Pc,s all with own modem. 1 in Bedroom 1 in radio shack and my laptop in living room. (hence the wireless part of the linksys so i can use the laptop anywhere in the house) All connected to a Hub in the bedroom near the Phone socket ( i have phone and IP socket points together) So I should just be able to unplug modem in bedroom remove hub and replace them with the linksys and its wires? Then its just the setting up to do which looks a bit daunting :roll: So Might be back on asking for help in the setting up of the various parts of the linksys Cheesy

Best regards Andy