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Force 9 migration not going according to plan


Force 9 migration not going according to plan


I signed up to migrate my broadband from Supanet(terrible company) to Force 9. I got my MAC code & signed up last monday. BT are due to do some work tomorrow to migrate the connection.

You would assume all was going well!! AHH, you forgot that Supanet are involved with part of this. Around 5pm on Sunday, my connection disappeared. I checked my router & it just would not connect. I thought, maybe I have been migrated early, but no this was not the case.

I decided to call the Supanet £1 per minute helpdesk, only to find out my account had been suspended. But since no one from billing/admin was available until 9am on Monday, I would just need to live without any internet.

I called them this morning & according to Supanet, we need to stop your connection early so the other supplier can take over otherwise two supplier will be trying to supply you!!! Bloody Hell, is that not what the migration process is meant to deal with. I never had this problem when I moved to Supanet but nothing surprises me with them.

I will be glad when I can at last have a reasonable service rather than the evening & weekend service from Supanet which is virtually no-existant.