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Force 9 IP blocked by AOL due spam???


Force 9 IP blocked by AOL due spam???


I have an ADSL account with you and run also webhosting servers. Some of my clients also have AOL email accounts but I am unable to send these clients any emails for support as the IP range from force 9 is blocked by AOL due some clients of force 9 have send spam emails. This was also confirmed by your support staff after a call to you.

Now the question is what is force 9 doing about this and when will this be solved?

Also if you can not solve this can you provide a fix IP which is not blocked by spam so this can be used? If this is not possible I have to move to a different srevice provider for my connection as I can not affort not sedning support emails to my clients and it affects my business.



Force 9 IP blocked by AOL due spam???

AOL block most Dialup and ADSL IPs from sending mail to cut down on spam. The only way to send to AOL from your own server is to route the emails through the Force9 Server,
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Cry Warning its not the F9 members spamming well not all of them
The spammers are using F9 clients unlimited pop3 addresses to send spam
I found out when I started getting undelivered mail back to my box Mail which I had not sent
Some one was using a spam generator doing
yes its true there are unlimited pop 3 address I had 11,000 yes 11 thousand emails in my box every one from a
that has now ended my legitimate f9 emailI I got 4000 in one day the peek was 8000 in one week the max in the box was the 11000
There is nothing f9 can do they said If I use the redirect service I can delete them That means setting up 11,000 seperate diverts
Its impossible to get to your own mail as most mail readers e.g. outlook express are overwhelmed by the spam I have 3 different security systems but as the server is jammed they dont work Every time you log on to get mail the server locks up and the webmail page freezes
I have had to move to Tiscali who have spam protection on their email server
warning you can loose your f9 email if the spammer pick your domain
Its a shame but it looks like the end of unlimted pop 3 to the genral public and the end of the small ISPs like force9 who cant cope with such large amounts of spam I have had to let my domain go I am watching to see how long it actually lasts before it is killed or removed even though I made the mistake of paying up front for a whole year. You live and learn