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How do I disable the firewall in the Alcatel version 3881 Version 2.6k router

RE: Firewall

> How do I disable the firewall in the Alcatel version 3881 Version 2.6k router

Eh? Never heard of the product and I didn't see it listed as an alcatel product at! Are you sure you've given the correct model number?

Eh? You want to switch off the firewall! OK, I'll assume you have your reasons, but I hope you know what you're doing and why you want to do it...

On my Alcatel Speedtouch 510 router, there's a "master switch" for the firewall which is tucked away in the "ip" set of commands: "ip config firewalling=off" would do the trick when logged in via telnet.

I think the way I would do this, however, is through the web interface, as follows (this is how it works on my 510 - I assume your router will be similar):

1. Log in to the web server.
2. Take the "Upgrade" option from the menu on the left.
3. On the upgrade screen, scroll down to the "Configuration" section, and click the "Backup" link. This will prompt you for a filename by which to save the current configuration on your PC. Choose a name of your liking (the convention seems to be to give them "ini" extensions - you should choose something which is going to be editable with a text editor!)
4. Now leave the browser, and on your PC, make a copy of the file you have just saved. You now have two files, one of which you will edit, to switch off firewalling, the other of which acts as a backup, so you can easily restore the firewalling feature later on. Which you will, of course!!!
5. Open the second version of the config file with your favourite TEXT editor, and scan down for the [ip.ini] section. Underneath this you will see a statement which starts "config", and it will contain a parameter "firewalling=on". Change this to "firewalling=off" and save the file.
6. Now return to the browser interface.
7. In the "Configuration" section of the "Upgrade" option (in other words, on the same screen as before), where it says "Specify a configuration file to upload", press the browse button, and in the file chooser which is then presented, select the file you've just edited. This file will be loaded into the Speedtouch.
8. Finally, press the "Restart" link. The new configuration file will be activated as the device restarts.

RE: Firewall

How do I disable the firewall in the Alcatel version 3881 Version 2.6k router

Did you see Brian Low's ("ponds") Alcatel ADSL Router question? He obtained this information about the Force9-supplied router
But Force9 support have now given me some information. The manufacturer's web site is The model is an AR11 Adsl router.

There are manuals available at that website, which may provide the information you need.

[Added 2003-09-02:]
The link provided no longer works!

"deepsea" has provided a useful web page about this router:

In it, he links to webpages from which documentation and support may be obtained. It seems the router is also made by another company, Jetway:
Correct link:

And he mentions the Force9 setup info is still available: