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Firewall for ADSL connection...?

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Registered: 13-08-2007

Firewall for ADSL connection...?

I am running a D-Link DSL-300G+ modem and 624 54g wireless router setup. The router has built in firewall capabilities.

Is this enough to protect the one or sometimes two machines that run on the ADSL connection (static IP of course) or should I also be running a software firewall such as ZoneAlalrm.

I would expect both to do the same thing but my knowledge isn't that great yet.

As well as wading through 'Teach Yourself TCP/IP in 21 days', I am also looking for a clear guide to firewall configuration so make sure the router is set up and secure. Any tips/links to recommend?

Firewall for ADSL connection...?

You shouldn't need a software firewall if your router has one built in.

Firewall for ADSL connection...?

My own view is that a firewall out on your router (ie at the point of entry to your home network) is the minimum requirement.

What happens if, even with the firewall on your router, something does get in (which could happen as a result of personal carelessness or stupidity [no offence meant!] as much as a weakness in the firewall)? All the machines on your home network would then be exposed, with no defences of their own, and would almost certainly fall very quickly to the kind of the attack currently being experienced.

With all these things, it's a case of weighing up the cost and inconvenience of further defences against the risk and the damage which would be done to you if something did happen.

On Firewalls

Despite what other users say, from my own experience I would never want to be without my software firewall now I have a 24/7 ADSL connection. I use the excellent free version of ZoneAlarm (I use version 2.613 which is far better then the newer version 3.0 or above in my personal opinion)

I know there are broadly two schools of differing opinion about firewalls, one says hardware firewalls are best & the other argues for software based firewalls. Dedicated hardware firewalls for commercial use tend to be rather costly for the average home users pocket which often explains why the software solution tends to be more popular or frequently used (especially if its free or shareware) for personal computers at home or soho type situations.

ZoneAlarm uses a sophicated technique called statefull packet inspection which I've been informed is more secure than other techniques which tend to work at the application level or connection level, not at the packet level. Anyway I personally like ZoneAlarm & would be happy to recommend it as a home solution to anyone looking for a good quality firewall solution.


Firewall for ADSL connection...?

Well to be honest, I have a Router with built-in Firewall, and I think that as long as you are aware that any ports opened for any applications you use "MSN Messenger Audio / Video Conf, Gaming on the net etc" can let somebody in, you will be ok.

That said, there is always the potential for somebody to be able to get in. Let's face it, big businesses pay big money on Security and still get hacked, so I don't think that you are ever 100% safe.

On personal experience, I agree with a previous reply with Zone Alarm, it is excellent. BUT I had to remove it to get my Router working with F9's ADSL service (MRI ADSL Router)