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Find My Child New Service by SMS Relief


Find My Child New Service by SMS Relief

Hello All

I know that most of you will have seen in the news and papers about children going missing and as to what every one thinks.

A company called SMS Relief has released a free trial or buy now service that to me seems like an excellent idea.

They have introduced a service that uses mobile phone technology to locate them.

They also have some other interesting things on their site too like a games arcade, shopping center and a free text service.

SMS Relief raises money for UK charities and is free to join.

There main web site is at

Here are links to there other services, they are all free from what I have used, but the gamea re free to try when you download them like a trial thing. You can buy the games also with commisisions going to Charity.

Here are the links

Find My CHild

Gamea Arcade

Free Text


Compare Prices

Quiz page

Oh you can join SMS Relief for free and get a free entry to win a mobile phone