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Filming children Update


Filming children Update

Some of you may remeber several months ago the case of the old man with a video camera filming children and a childrens play area.

I thought as it was a hot subject you may like an update.

On investigation it seems to run a CCTV you need to register with the data protection show clear, signs, allow public access, keep data safe and lots of other rules. All these apply to a company but a individual doesnt have to do any of this, you can do what you like.

It does however come under the harrasment laws which can be acted on.

In the case of the old man a petition was signed by 200+ people (he had been ask politly to remove it but refused) and sent to the mp and his landlord.

While people collected the petition they were told of how this man had attacked children by some of the mothers. Last week the landlord turned up with a van and the man has disapeared along with his camera.

The Police did say they were watching him very closely but had no evidence yet, they didnt say to much but the hint was there that something was going on.

They did praise local people for going about the matter in a legal and proper way and staying within the law at all times.

Filming children Update

Well done to those people who took action.

I just hope that, if this person is more "sinister" than paranoid, he has not disappeared from the view of the system, only to reappear as a newspapaer headline in a couple of years time.