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File Download


File Download

I'm getting a problem with downloading files. Whenever I opt for Download from a Web Page the File Download window appears but gets stuck at the Getting Information stage and the download never progresses. ANybody experienced this and found a solution?


Download problems

No! I wouldnt say I had a definate solution to this but I think this problem often reflects conditions in general on the wider internet. You have to bear in mind just how far away the site your attempting to download from is? and its often a temporary kind of problem not a permanent one. Try again in 30mins kind of thing, also it can depend if your on a dailup or ADSL connection type, it might also be down to a very busy server that is struggling with the sheer volume of requests for pages & downloads.

*Also try highlighing the download link and try right clicking the link, you should get a floating menu, see the option "Save Target as", then try saving the file to your computer this way. This tip sometimes works over just clicking the download link.

**There is also a difference between file downloads using HTTP & FTP, its also worth seing if you can download the same file using FTP instead of HTTP.

Hope this might be of some use to you??!!