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Fax Software


Fax Software

Does anyone know the best fax software to use with Wiindows Me? I have an internal Creatix modem using Cheyenne Bitware. (came installed on the computer) which only can send faxes but not receive them. I have heard of Phone tools. Is this any good? Can anyone help?

Thank you.

Fax to email

Doesn't FOL have it;s very own fax to email service (I activated mine ages ago, but bever actually used it - so it got deactivated). However, knowing FOL, I'm sure it works admirably and will do exactly what you want (I think they provide you with a fax number and any faxes sent to this will be recieved as an email). Now where was it? Can't seem to find it now, so I'd pop an email off to tech support if I were you...

Fax software

Thanks for the tip.