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FTP to Servers


FTP to Servers

How do I connect to the cgi servers. I have an account with Force9 so what is the server I connect to?

I have tried 'ftp' but without sucess as it responds with an Error 530, Login incorrect message.

Force9 have reset my password to my default which I have tried but still no luck.
Strangely enough I looked at the cgi web stats and that asked me for a login and password which I entered as normal which allowed me to see the stats.

Anyone any ideas?

FTP to Servers is al you need for the WSftp programme + your username and password in the boxes provided., not sure about others. is what you would type in the browser address bar and a box should pop up asking for username and password.



FTP to Servers

Still no joy, so must be a problem with the password set on crofters. Will have to notify F9 again to check it. Thanks