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FTP for beginners

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Registered: 22-08-2007

FTP for beginners

I am sure somebody out there can answer this one for me with ease!

I have a web site on another server that does not have FTP extensions, so I upload it using FTP 1.0 (a FPT programme like Cute)

I have another web site on a server which DOES allow FTP extensions, so I upload using the "publish web" button on Frontpage.

I have already uploaded a few things to my F9 space using my FTP programme no problem. The space does have Frontpage active (and I know that using FTP does not make them work, but that was just some early testing stuff, without extensions)

Now I want to upload some pages WITH extensions to my F9 space. I thought it would just be a case of hitting the button, entering the URL and a password or two and I would be away, just as it was on my other site with extensions, but I can't make it work and the more I read the more I get confused.

I don't care how the URL looks on the page, I just want to use the space and some extensions, and keep it away from the other sites.