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FTP / Connecting problems


FTP / Connecting problems

I seem to be connecting fine ( host: ) and I get this message:

STATUS:> Connect: Saturday 10:29:08 05-29-2004
STATUS:> Connecting to
STATUS:> Connecting to (ip = ******)
STATUS:> Socket connected. Waiting for welcome message...

Then nothing, and then it just times out, My CuteFTP evaluation period just ran out so I had to download a new one (off the file vault) and it hasn't worked since, any ideas? Cry

Replying to FTP Probs

This sounds like in reality you never got a real connection despite the messages shown. Yes! well you might have had a partial connection but it looks like your FTP login and authentication (username & password) failed or atleast this is where things fell apart. It doesnt sound like your FTP software as such is at fault here but I have no way to prove this.

You might try one of the other free FTP client programs as an alternative if your not happy with CuteFTP (although I like cute apart from it now being adware,etc) I use coffeecup's excellent free FTP program. You might find a copy on the TUCOWS website at http:/

Best Regards Ivan

FTP / Connecting problems

I downloaded the FTP you suggested and still I cannot connect, I'm using the host and the username womersley, is it possible my password could have changed?

I need to access the site to get some things off it! Cry

edit: If it's any help, I cant connect to either. :?

FTP / Connecting problems

scrap that last message!

I downloaded the professional version that I can use for 30 days and it connected right away.... strange, CuteFTP 4 didnt work (that I downloaded off the file vault)

Perhaps you should update that :shock:

Thanks for the help sir Cheesy

Replying Re:FTP

Hi womersley,

Very Glad to hear that you finally managed to get a good solid connection on the FTP service. I've had similar problems myslef in the past and it mysteriously seemed to sort itself out after I gave up and then came back a couple of hours later. I put this down to poor telecoms conditions and on another occations the F9 support guys managed to sort out my FTP login. So you see dont always assume its YOUR FAULT!!! if you have technical problems, its not always the case (I'm quick to blame myself alot of the time but am releived when I find its not and wider events are the cause.) Good luck with your site.

Best Regards Ivan