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I CAN believe that someone would use the Freedom of Information act for something that futile.

It can see is also being used as a form of `denial of service` attack by someone repeatedly requesting information just to cause the public body the hassle of correlating the information. (Where is the address of my councils revenue services department.)

The act can also be used by commercial companies looking for sales and marketing information. For example a computers sales company could ask for the average age and operating system of all computers within a public origination, and its replacement policy. To then use this information to try and sell them new PC's.

I can see this act being increasingly abused.

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With the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) now with us I just wondered what YOU would like to know from all those Authorities that keep information?

Who Would You Ask ?
What Would You Ask Them ?

Here is an interesting one from the BBC News Web Site

A woman has come up with a novel use of the Freedom of Information Act - to find out how many eligible bachelors belong to her local police force.
The woman made an anonymous inquiry to Hampshire Constabulary to find out the current number of single officers.

She also asked to know their email and home addresses and their promotion and pension prospects.

The force declined to give out personal details but revealed there were 2,000 single officers in the county.

It also told her that there were 266 police bachelors in the specific area she was inquiring about, 201 of whom were in uniform.

A spokeswoman for the force told the BBC News website: "It caused a few smiles here.

"We have a dedicated team to deal with the Freedom of Information Act and they gave all the information they could give.

"Basically she does not have a right to know those details. We do not give out personal details of officers and we do not have to give them out under the Freedom of Information Act."

Does that give you any ideas concerning any questions YOU want answers to ?
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Personally I think its a waste of tax payers money answering stupid questions like that. I think the act is a good idea, but im sure if something is a seret they wouldnt disclose the data anyway. And definatly personal privacy of people is more important than freedom of information.


I'm inclined to agree with your Chris. Actually I can't believe anyone would use the act, or attempt to use the act for such a pointless, time wasting exercise.