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F9 supplied router & firewall


F9 supplied router & firewall


Can anybody tell me how to disable the firewall on my router ?. I wish I new the make but its not on the packaging or the router itself. It was supplied by F9 when I took out broadband 14 months ago and came in an orange box. The router itself is beige in colour.

I know this is a bit vague but perhaps some one can help




Hi Brian,

Despite NOT knowing the make of your router, I am almost 100% certain that if you wish to disable the firewall functionality of the device. You will have to connect to the router's admin interface or administrative menu system. Most routers have some form or configuration page or options page where you can enter such information as the routers IP address and sub net mask. I am sure the firewall feature will be found on such a configuration page. i.e where you can switch the firewall on or off (enable or dis-able).

Some routers allow you to connect to the admins page/config page via internet explorer (via a webpage type interface or HTML) and a normal network cable (CAT5 & RJ45) & some routers require a telnet or hyper-terminal connection via a null modem cable inorder to configure the device. Once you have connected and made the changes to your router you may have to save these changes to a config file or reboot the router for the changes to be made permanent.

*Hope this helps?

Best Regards Ivan

F9 supplied router & firewall

Are these pictures similar to the webpages on your router:
(They go up to ss9.JPG if you're interested! -- they come from a topic IPs, Broadband and Apache on the PlusNet forum.)

If so, your router is probably an ACEEX AR11/2 router.

The thread Alcatel ADSL Router contains some links where you can find information about this router.

My own impression is it does not have a firewall, but that may not be correct.