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F9 Wireless Internet Access


F9 Wireless Internet Access

I am asking this mainly out of sheer curiosity more than anything else, is it possible to have wireless internet access with F9 or Plusnet technologies?

If the answer is positive how would a user do this? and what kind of kit would be required and what kind of speed's would one gain?

If the answer is negative can I ask if F9 might have any future plans for wireless internet access?

Smiley Ivan

F9 Wireless Internet Access


I think you might need to be a bit more specific about what you mean by 'wireless' internet access. Are you talking WiFi, wireless broadband (which implies someone has to operate a point of presense - i.e. where the ariel and base station is..., GPRS on a mobile phone, satelite...



Hi narrs,

OK!! Durrrr Yes! your right of course I was rather vague about the subject, Yes! I guess what I am interested in is WiFi & Broadband web access (not via PDA's,handhelds or mobile phone's) via laptops & desktops i.e. non business type users.

I know that WiFi & broadband web access are young technologies that are starting to take off in a limited way. I just was wondering if F9 or Plusnet had any plans to offer web access via WiFi? as its not something F9 have ever mentioned or talked about in any of the forums as yet.

Ivan :?