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F9 POP3 Authorization State Commands


F9 POP3 Authorization State Commands

Not really a cgi problem, but I think I’ll get a better response here than if I posted this in the general forum...

I'm writing a program that connects to a pop3 server (currently testing it on the f9 server) and performs various operations. When I connect I receive the +OK response, followed by the timestamp. I then send the USER command followed by the username and get an +OK response. However, after sending the PASS command followed by my password (plaintext) I get an, "-ERR authorization first" response.

I then tried again, this time sending the APOP command, followed by the username and the md5 hash of the timestamp in the format <timestamp>password and then received an authorization failed response.

I'm currently using to generate the md5 hash (converted to lowercase). Anyone any ideas as to what I’m doing wrong?