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Extremely Pleased :)


Extremely Pleased :)

Just a quick message to say how chuffed I am with Free Online's ADSL service. All sorted within 7 days, a nice ADSL router which was simple to configure, very nice download speeds, monthly subscription and not to mention a fixed IP address at no extra cost - bonus !

Great work guys - keep it up Smiley

This forum could do with a bit of work though !! I think you might have more of an online community if the forum was improved. I hang around on the Infogrames forums all the time, and I guess they make this forum look more than a little inferior !(

Your emoticons look like they were designed on my old Spectrum ... no offence Smiley

Just my ten cents !



RE: Extremely Pleased :)

Thanks very much Mike!

It's nice to know we are appreciated.

I can assure you that no one is offended by your slating of our forums. We are going to introduce some different software, but it isn't exactly top of the list of priorities.


Ian Wild
FOL Support