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External Connection & NAT


External Connection & NAT

Hello all,
I wonder if anyone can help....I have a DG834G which works great. Now I have come across a problem trying to connect to my work office (using Avaya VPNRemote software as issued by IT dept). Upon achieving a connection I do not receive any returned "packets" which seems to prevent it working. Unfortunately the IT dept are no help with ADSL and just say use dial up.

Being a novice with firewalls, NAT etc i dont know what to do but have read this could be due to the NAT setup and should use a block of static IP, disable NAT & all should be well (easier said than done!!).
Afraid I 'm not entirely sure on all this and wanted to try and get a further opinion. Any suggestions / thoughts would be welcomed?

Appreciate any help avail.....Thanks/Kevin.


In response to your problem, with regards to firewalls in conjunction to ADSL. For example I use ZoneAlarm and this ask for applications (programs) to be given permissions for outbound internet connections, OK fine. However things can get abit confusing here too, as programs or applications can act as servers which means the program can response appropriately to requests (packets) from internet based servers like your servers at your work. This means in my case that I have to specific give permissions to the specific program in question (or in your case the VPNremote software). Now having said all this I dont know what product/s you are using so I cannot tell you how to set the permissions required.

NAT's can also make life very much more complicated when it comes to such issues too. It may or may not be possible for this remote software to operate smoothly or correctly via a NAT. Its definately worth having a look through any VPNRemote software documentation (either paper based or online) to see if NATS can be used and if so what settings might be required, or see if you can find the publishers website i.e. the makers of this software. Especially if the IT people are completely useless in supporting you.

Sometimes one has to resort to doing abit of your own research with such things but its usually worth the effort I find in the end.


External Connection & NAT


i am fairly familiar with VPN behind a NAT connection, but not familiar with your particular VPN software, we have looked into similar netgear equipment for our users to use from home, and if memory serves most netgear equipment doesn't allow "IPSEC" passthrough which most VPN software needs to work, put simily it will allow the tunnel to be established but then will not allow incoming data along the connection.

If this is the case then the only option is to either replace the box which allows IPSEC passthrough, if which case i can recommend some equipment for you,

i can go into some more technical things you can try if you want to, but don't want to get to techincal on the first post Smiley


External Connection & NAT


I use a dg834 with a fvs318 for a VPN. It works fine but you do have to use a dmz server whic could be dangerous. Havent tried it but one of the services is VPN IPSEC allowing the traffic through. Sorry I am not an expert but I hope this helps.

External Connection & NAT

Thanks everyone.
I have reviewed your replies and suggestions and after some "head scratching" have somehow managed to get the VPN connection to work. Next task is to identify which firewall rule is allowing this to happen and remove the ones not being used. Main thing is problem solved.
Appreciate everyones advice.