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Error when checking mail via Postie/Wordpress


Error when checking mail via Postie/Wordpress

I've got Wordpress set up on my site. I can use the e-mail checker built into Wordpress for posting into the blog via email, so that when I go to , it checks the email account I've configured in the settings without any problems.

However, I want to use the Postie plugin for checking my email account. I've installed and configured this. When I go to "Test Config" it says that all my settings are correct. However, when I go to to check for email, it gives the following message:

CGI System Error: Script Execution Failed

The system encountered an error while attempting to execute this script:

Server Data:

Server Administrator/Contact:
Server Port: 80
Server Protocol: HTTP/1.1
Virtual Host:

Request Data:

User Agent/Browser: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1; en) Opera 8.01
Request Method: GET
Remote Address:
Remote Port: 1615

I got a similar message to this when I hadn't got the chmod permissions set to 755. When I corrected that, everything else was working fine...apart from this one php page - get_mail.php.

Any ideas?

Error when checking mail via Postie/Wordpress

Solved it....seemed to a problem with the php file itself..edited it, and now it's fine!