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Error 404 in Frontpage


Error 404 in Frontpage

Hi all,

I have uploaded my site and all is well except:-

1 How do I put in a custom 404 page with fp as I know it won’t work with an .htaccess file?
2 If the site is entered from anywhere apart from the index.htm, how do I kick them back to the index page?

By the way, any feedback/constructive criticism would be more than welcome bearing in mind that it is still under development and that some of the links are not live yet.


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Error 404 in Frontpage

That is one of the best frontpage sites I've ever seen!

Unfortunnately, I have no idea how frontpage works in terms of the things you want to do...

We need to have a look round on Google - I will let you knw if I find anything interesting.


Error 404 in Frontpage

Thanxs Ian,

Praise indeed. Cheesy

A lot of hard work and time gone into it, hence the many dead links as yet Wink

I have posted to the ms.public.frontpage.programming ng to see if NE of the boffins their can help!

If I get a response, I will post it here.