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Editing of web site pages


Editing of web site pages

I am considering the purchase of a program which permits access and editing of individual pages of a multi-page web site (such as my web site currently loaded on my Force9 web space ) via unique user names and passwords. The program supplier states that the server must have . . .
ASP Version (Windows)
Web Server
IIS 4.0 + running Vbscript v5.5+
Ability to execute ASP scripts
Write access to content directory
*No Server Side Components Required.
Force 9 say " we do not support ASP. "

Comments and advice, please.

Editing of web site pages

Correct: Force9 does not support ASP. Good on them!

Neither do they run IIS. As far as I'm aware, all the web servers are Apache. Doubly good on Force9!

If you want IIS and all the rest, you could run it on your own machine.