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Driving me Nuts! - cant link in some sites in IE after reset


Driving me Nuts! - cant link in some sites in IE after reset

This is a real Noddy question to some of you but I can't fix it!. I was having trouble with some links on sites so I reset my Internet Explorer to the default values. After this I am having even more probs with some simple stuff e.g. on the Direct Line site for a Motor Quote, I click on the icon and nothing happens. No matter what change I try in the configuration nothing seems to work and this is driving me nuts.

I am on IE vrs 6.0, also running Norton Anti-Virus/Internet Security but even disblinfg NIS does not have any effect on this.

Any suggestions anyone? Cry

IE6 problems

Yes! dont you just love MS IE 6.0 when it does this sort of thing. OK here are a few things you might like to know about and try in IE6.0.

1) Many of these commercial sites like motor car insurance sites require ActiveX controls to be enabled (I usually disable these settings myself but try changing your security settings in IE6.0 to "Prompt" to allow activeX and the same with plug-in's etc.

2) try resetting IE6.0 to allow Java applets also (prompt if possible or just enable)

3) MS IE6 still allows for Java despite the MS court case with Sun Microsystems over who own's what. Support for Sun's version of Java has been dropped (but my guess is that some form of MS java remains supported in IE6) Java and java scripting are used on alot of sites be aware of this.

4) Also be aware that if you make changes in IE6.0 settings you must close the browser completely for the changes to take effect, and some may even require that you fully re-boot your machine as any changes may not be written back into your windows registry, which would explain why changes you've made havent apparently worked. This may not actually be the case it just seems like it (The changes didnt update correctly as expected, or failed to update in your system).

5) check to make sure that in your version of windows (windows2000 & XP) hasnt switched on this MS firewall.

6) Ensure all pop up stoppers are not loaded when using IE.6 until you've sorted out this problem

7) Yes! temporarily disable NIS or any other firewall products, again only until you've sorted this issue out and are happy with the way IE6.0 is working.

8 Check all of your modem or router settings to, too ensure all the settings are OK and havent been changed.

9) Also its worth running anti virus software over your system to check that you havent got any infections messying up your machine.

10) If you DONT already have a copy DO!! get yourself a free copy of Adaware or Spybot search and destroy, install this and run a scan to make sure no Malware has penetrated your system too. You can never tell without this kind of software and its free.

**Yes! changes made to IE6.0 can be abit doggy until the system has fully accepted them. This is why you do need to be abit careful when making changes to iE6.0 setting's on the fly or without a re-set.

So try the changes again but this time close IE6.0 and re-set then system my guess would be that this would then work OK, give it at try and let me know how you get on!!

Ivan Cool

Driving me Nuts! - cant link in some sites in IE after reset

Please be careful about disabling firewall software, as you could end up a virus, trojan or nasty bit of spyware on your machine.

NIS probably wouldn't be a fault, since your browser can connect anyway.



If you look at my reply I did stress only disable these things temporarily for this very reason (you leave yourself vulnerable to virus infection or attacks of other kinds). Only disable these things inorder to trouble shoot the iE6.0 problem or to help you discover if the nature of this problem might be else where. Once sorted out reset these items again to increase security once more.


Driving me Nuts! - cant link in some sites in IE after reset

I read your comments and noted what you written. My comments were not directed in anyway against you or what you'd written. I'm sorry if it seemed that way.

What you'd written was perfectly valid.

My comment was to serve as a simple reminder of the dangers of disabling a firewall and that it should be seen as a measure of last resort. Nothing more.

Driving me Nuts! - cant link in some sites in IE after reset

Hi simplyweb,

OOp's me being a wee tad sensitive!! understand entirely what your saying and glad you replied and No offence taken my friend but thanks anyway. OK course your comments where perfectly correct too and I agree entirely with you. Its an important point. One cannot under-estimate the value of a good firewall these days.

Ivan :lol: