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Download Festival 2005

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Download Festival 2005

Well, this thread has two purposes.

The first being - I am going to be away from tonight until Monday evening.

Secondly, for the rockers or metalheads out there... I'm going to be at none other than Download Festival (Donnington - the biggest and best rock festival in the world). And this year, because of my website, we're going as VIPs, with full access to the press areas, photo pits, guest hospitality, media village and VIP Campsite!

Anyone interested, we'll be updating the site ( throughout the weekend with the latest gossip etc... and hopefully photographs to (I'll have Wifi access from the Press Area).

And if you don't particularly care... we'll I'll speak to you all on Tuesday next week.


Download Festival 2005

Have fun Liam,

Dont hit the booze and corporate hospitality too hard.....well maybe a bit :lol:
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Download Festival 2005

I second that pcsni! Smiley

Go and kill some brain cells Liam! Cheesy heh! Have fun!

Download Festival 2005

saying as it's called "download", will there be music downloads or anything from the website during the weekend?