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Donkey Alert - Eeew Aaaaw Eeeew Aaaaw


Donkey Alert - Eeew Aaaaw Eeeew Aaaaw

Shockedops: Shockedops:

Say I delete everything in the stereocatbabies folder in htdocs then ask f9 to get rid of my other 2 domains leaving just stereocatbabies domain surely even a tube like me will get it downloaded?

:roll: :shock:

Donkey Alert - Eeew Aaaaw Eeeew Aaaaw

You have to have, this is what gives you the webspace in \htdocs.

I (and others) have recommended that you create a directory under this for your stereocatbabies site. I'd recommend doing this for each extra domain you have.


\htdocs <-- for
\htdocs\stereocatbabies <-- for
\htdocs\anothersite <-- for

(Where 'anothersite' is your extra domain name).

Use the Force9 portal Domain Names option to redirect which directory in /htdocs each domain will use. (Don't forget that a change made with this, may take upto an hour to become effective!)

You can delete all the files and directories using an ftp program. task has shown how to use the command line ftp program previously, but if you're uncomfortable with the command line, then look at WS_FTP_LT or CuteFTP as mentioned before.

Once you've got this sorted out, then as you get more confident, you will be well organised to do want you want.



Donkey Alert - Eeew Aaaaw Eeeew Aaaaw

Thanks Narrs.

When I go into domain names all i get is the scb one so could this be at the root of my problem. i.e. how do i confid my dougiec one

Donkey Alert - Eeew Aaaaw Eeeew Aaaaw

You can't. It will always be /htdocs.

The only configurable bits are for your extra domains that you are hosting on your webspace that comes with your account.

Incidently, I noticed that I use \ and / as directory seperators in a directory path. / is more technically correct for the Force 9 servers, but \ can be used in almost all web and ftp addresses. So /htdocs/stereocatbabies is the same as \htdocs\stereocatbabies - unless you have shell access to F9 servers (use /) or are using a command prompt on your PC (use \). If you don't understand this, don't worry, it's unlikely to be a problem for you.

Clear as mud isn't it :?: