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Domain Names & Email Forwarding


Domain Names & Email Forwarding


    My user name is saltshaker
    When I purchased my force9 broadband account I also purchased the domain
    I have some months later now purchased a second domain this was done
    I have successfully transfered the domain from 123-reg onto force9. The website is hosted on my space and am happy with how that works.
    I understand that all emails addressed to will be directed to my saltshaker catch all 'pot'

Can I automatically redirect all the emails to the on-the-outside email to either
a) an external non force9 email address
b) a different force9 mailbox (other than the general pot one)
c) can either of a) or b) be accomplished without affecting the current webhosting arrangements?


Replying Ivan

Hi Saltshaker,

I think the answers are a) might NOT Be possible? but I would raise a support ticket with F9 CS to check this, I'm not 100% certain but think its doubtful.

b) should be possible and not difficult to achieve, there is on the portal under mailboxes a way to setup a new mailbox & setup redirections from catch all to new named mailbox.

c) answer b shouldnt affect your domain name or web hosting, I think a) is going to be more problematic if at all possible??

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