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Domain / Email


Domain / Email


I've just bought a domain name thru F9 which i have instructed F9 to host for me. ( - I haven't yet uploaded anything to the webspace yet) I would now like to setup email addresses that correspond with our new domain name.

I have a F9 account so I already have <>, however I would now like <>. I am using Outlook to collect my email on a XP platform.

Thanks in advance.

Re: email

I recently set up my web site the other day and wanted to do exactly the same thing you want to do.

But i did not have to set anything up, it seems that when the site is hosted by f9 they direct all email to your default address, postmaster@.........

I tested this just by sending my self an email e.g. my web site is

so i sent an email to and this was then downloaded through my standard email account. Give it a try it should work. Setting your account up so you can then send aswell from that address is a little bit harder, you need to create another email account so in outlook just go to account set all the force 9 settings the same as your last account apart from where it asks you for your email address. Here for example if i want to send an email from i put that address in there.

if you want any more help email me at

Domain / Email

What sion3000 says is correct, however if you reply to the email you will have your address sent back with the enquiry. To change, open OE and click on Tools & Accounts. Click on the Mail tab and highlight your account. Click on Properties and you will be able to fill out the company name in the Name box and the reply to box needs to be filled with That way, when an Email is sent through your account it wil always be sent back to your domain name.