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Does F9 support PPPoE authentication?


Does F9 support PPPoE authentication?


I've just bought an SMC Barricade WBR14-G ( -- a fairly typical all-in-one wireless access point and ADSL router -- to replace my ancient non-wireless ADSL router.

The LAN side I can set up no problem at all but I can't get the router to detect the broadband connection correctly. One of the problems is that it doesn't have a setting for PPPoA, only PPPoE, and it doesn't have any way to set the VPI/VCI values. Should I be able to connect to F9 broadband via PPPoE and if so are there any special considerations I need to take into account?

Thanks lots


Does F9 support PPPoE authentication?

VPI/VCI are only applicable to PPPoA as these are ATM settings.

As far as I know it is not possible to connect to any UK broadband provider that use BT phone lines and wholesale broadband connections using PPPoE. I could be wrong on this but I'm fairly sure about it.

PPPoE and PPPoA are quite different protcols. It isn't just a case of different authentication, it is a different system of communications (different protocols) PPPoA is point to point over ATM and PPPoE is point to point over ethernet. PPP was originally designed for parallel cable comms then was adapted for dialup over modems and then over ethernet and ATM. Do a google for PPPoA or PPPoE and you will get countless explanations.

Having written this reply so far I just checked the link you supplied for the specs of this router. I see that it is a wireless router only and does not contain an ADSL modem at all. Please correct me if this is wrong (eg I read the wrong manual).

The WAN connection on this router is therefore an ethernet connection via a CAT5 cable. So I assume you have a seperate ethernet ADSL modem? If you can set the ethernet modem to do the PPPoA and login to F9 then you can probably get the router to work with the modem without using PPPoA or PPPoE in the router. If you had a seperate ethernet modem before you may already have the correct settings in the modem. Looking breifly at the instructions I think in this case the "cable modem" mode may work as this is just getting an IP address from a DHCP server. If the seperate ethernet ADSL modem is setup ok eg PPPoA f9 login then it may work lke this. Please get back with further details of your setup. This may depend on what modem you have.

Does F9 support PPPoE authentication?

Hmm, perhaps I linked to the wrong product in my original post.

Double- and triple-checking, THIS is what I've got:

It was ordered from Komplett and this is their product spec:

It certainly IS supposed to be an ADSL modem as well as a WLAN router and the WAN connection definitely takes a standard RJ-11 phone plug, not an RJ-45 CAT5 one.

Given that what you've said about PPPoE (ie it's not used by UK ISPs) I think I'm going to take the matter up with Komplett. They've sold me something that's completely useless for use in Britain, and there's nothing on the product description on their website to mention that it's not going to work here, nor does it mention in the technical specs that it won't do PPPoA. Hopefully they'll play nice and give me a refund and I won't have to get all grumpy with them and mention "Sales of Goods Act" and the suchlike.

Thanks very much again for your help!


Does F9 support PPPoE authentication?

Distance selling regulations mean they HAVE to take it back within a certain time limit for mail order. Not sure what the limits are though maybe 10-14 days? But perhaps only if you haven't opened the box or actually used it? They may be able to charge restocking fee though? I'm not a retail law expert.

All the best with that.

Does F9 support PPPoE authentication?


the product you purchased is a router which can work on either adsl or cable, but you require the an adsl router with combined modem.

even readin the description of the product tells me its not a modem but a router

The Barricade g 2.4GHz 54Mbps Wireless Cable/DSL Broadband Router (SMCWBR14-G)

there is no mention that it is a combined modem/router

further down on the specification section

4 x network - Ethernet 10Base-T/100Base-TX - RJ-45
1 x network - Ethernet 10Base-T/100Base-TX - RJ-45 ( WAN )
1 x network - Radio-Ethernet

again no mention of a combined modem

the wan port is used for ppoe (only cable supports it over here), if you want to use on an adsl line then you gonna need a adsl modem as well.

Even on the original link to the smc site the specifications do not mention anywhere that it is a combined router/adsl modem.

Komplett have not sold you a product incorrectly, you have not read the specifications correctly.

You maybe able to return it, but the product is not faulty, it is only incompatible with your setup. They may also charge a restocking fee, and some companies charge 10% of the purchase cost. Remember if its been opened they can't sell as new anymore, so will lose money that way, and must recoup their loses which would be from you.

Did you ask anyone at Komplett for any advice before buying it, if you did, and you've got it writing and they state it is a combined router/modem then you should be able to get full costs back, otherwise i'm sorry to say it will have cost you, as it would be your mistake.


Does F9 support PPPoE authentication?

Doh! Yes, you're absolutely correct. But thank you very much, because I was just going to bed frustrated when I thought about what you guys had said and suddenly everything crystallised in my mind (well, metaphorically speaking) Smiley

I've now set the SMC router to pick up an IP address via DHCP, plugged it into my existing ADSL modem and hey presto, all is working fine & dandy. I'm connected via it right now (albeit still by the RJ45 link not wireless as I haven't got round to putting the WLAN card in my main PC yet).

Thanks again guys, and sorry for appearing to be an utter idiot! :lol: