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Does ANYONE Know? - Uploading with PHP


Does ANYONE Know? - Uploading with PHP


Does anyone know how to upload files via HTTP POST and a PHP script onto homepages server (or if it is, in fact, possble). With the limited space on the CGI account I wonderd if I could make use of the expanse of my 'normal' webspace.

I've tried using fopen with a URL but this doesn't seem to work. I'm sure someone knows. Anyone? Thanks.
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Does ANYONE Know? - Uploading with PHP

Always make it a habit of looking at the PHP manual before asking these questions as the manual contains a lot of useful advice on this topic.

Does ANYONE Know? - Uploading with PHP

It's also worthwhile looking through some of the previous threads in this forum. "martinharman" provided some useful advice in Uploading to web space via form & PHP. The webspace has to be on the CGI server rather than "homepages", so you might consider having your entire web space allocation hosted on the CGI machine, which Force9 Support will take care of for you if you request it via Contact us.


Unfortunately the PHP Manual doesn't inform me of how Force9 works but thanks for the hint!

Oh n a true thanks to task. I will send a request to force9 right away as i intend to use php for the entirety of my site. Got a nice little forum running on it at the moment, my summer project!

Thanks Again