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Do you like maps?


Do you like maps?

I have decided to start a topic that isn't related to computers. As many of the topics in here are.
Here goes:

For some reason I enjoy looking at maps. It might be sad, but I can sit and read a map for ages.

I am interested in what other people think to maps.:
Too hard to read? Why? etc, etc.
Favourite Maps?
Ever drawn a map?


Do you like maps?

My darn car, the wifes car, the living room, bedroom, and even my computer room has loads of map books! 'er indoors loves em! She can never leave a map or atlas at a boot fair! Since we never go anywhere, whats the point!!

Anyone got an anorak for sale? size 18!!!

Do you like maps?

Its a known fact that women cant read maps so what is she doing with them all over the house??

Maybe she bought 1 and couldnt find it and bought another and so on........ :shock:

Do you like maps?

spidster, redaveb,

In fact, womens brains are more developed when it comes to spatial awareness and numeracy, thus they are usually better at navigation.

It is in fact a myth that women can't read maps. Its due to a lack of eduction in these areas (pre 1950) that this myth has happened.

Many of the best cartographers I have met are women. Like anything, with training, I am sure we can all develop good spatial awareness.

Maybe your wife would enjoy going orienteering, it is a very enjoyable experience. Take a look at the basics at this site:
You'l find the site has all the basics and links to more advanced areas.
I am sure you would score a few browny points for suggesting a weekend away, with this activity included..

All the best

p.s. might be a good reason to use that new anorak. :lol:

Do you like maps?

Actually, back in the old days, when I could walk, I was involved with the scouts, as VSL and later GSL, and the lads loved going orienteering. I agree, it is a good activity, healthy and eddikayshunal!


Hi - I think maps are cool too - in fact the London A-Z used to be my favourite bedtime reading when we lived there. I guess there's something quite soothing about all that complexity reduced to simple lines. Interesting too. I also love old maps of familiar places and ordnance survey maps with lots of cute symbols and gradient lines. How sad is that!

Do you like maps?

When I did a mensa exam years ago, there were a group of us which excelled in the perception and visualisation area - one of the areas concentrated on was mapping.

They are "fun" to look at, so long as I can associate the place I am looking at - for example - wouldnt like to have a look at a map of texas, as it means nothing to me whatsoever, but a map of new york I can look at as I have been to that area.
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Do you like maps?

Not quite the same thing but, has anyone had a look at Google Earth ( Not quite as good as the old OS but hours of fun (especially when you learn how to get lat and long to put into it - I'll leave that to the readers).



Do you like maps?

I love maps, The schematic representation of topolgy and landmarks is fantastic. From a design point of view the challenge of function and form has been met admirably, especially in the A-Z and OS series. The way they slightly move things about in order to allow labels and clarity is amazing.

The London Underground map is a classic too. Golf course guides are often another great example of stylised feature highlightling.


Google earth is getting better all the time, and IMO already ranks up there with best thing ever Smiley