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Since my upgrade to 'up to 2 meg' I'm having a lot of disconnect problems.
Restarting the router doesn't help and neither does restarting the machine - then all of a sudden it starts working fine for a few hours or more. Any suggestions anybody?

Since the upgrade I seem to only get just about 1 meg, despite the line supposedly being able to handle 2 meg would there be a reason for this please?



We are at the edge of the 2mbit reach from our exchange and every now and then the router loses synch with the exchange because of it, but this only happens on average twice over a 24 hour period and is reconnected within 30 seconds - it doesnt even drop me out of my games when it does. It can also drop out completely for several hours during and around thunderstorms.

Just saying this to see if your problem is the distance/quality of your phone line? If it is that and it is a problem then perhaps a 1mbit connection (although disappointing) would be more stable?

Hope that helps!!


Line Probs Ivan

Hi gtrondat,

This could be due to 1) variable quality line noise which fluctauates up & down and might just tip the line over a critical level hence dropped connections or possibly 2) combination of line length i.e. being on distance limits & line noise.

I'd suggest that if your router has the ability to collect line stats then you log them for x3 successive days then contact F9 support. Open a ticke tand request that they have a look at your stats & if required conduct a whoosh test to check your line for noise or SNR, line attenuation and line length,etc.

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