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Disconnections when phone in use


Disconnections when phone in use

Hi all,

My Voyager 105 decides to disconnect whenever the phone is in use. I can reconnect, but it works extremely slowly and for a maximum of around 5 seconds before disconnecting again while the phone is still in use. The main reason we upgraded to ADSL to be able to be online and use the phone at the same time- it's incredibly annoying that it won't work as advertised! Sad

Any ideas how to fix it?

Disconnections when phone in use

Have you got more than one phone socket? If so does the phone make a difference? Have you got filters on every socket?

Have you got any extension leads involved? especially on theh ADSL side.

ADSL & Line Filters Ivan


First of all ADSL works technically speaking by dividing or seperating one peice of copper (well OK its a twisted pair of copper wires) phone line into 3 very seperate and distinct channels. The lowest level frequency from zero to about 30Hrtz is used for the voice or sound channel i.e. normal voice calls, the second channel from 30Hrtz to about 150Hrtz (this may not be complete precise but you get the idea!!) is used for the uplink and finally 150Hrtz to 300Hrtz the downlink channel. The three channels are kept completely seperate from each other by a small device called a line splitter or line filter.

If the line splitter doesnt do its job correctly or completely perfectly then its common that one channel is stamped upon (infringed upon) by another. And I think this sounds like your problem, that your voice channel is infringing upon your other data channels (uplink or downlink). The way to test if this is the case is to either buy or borrow a new line filter or borrow one that you know is working perfectly and test your connection with this.

**When testing your filter/s make sure you test it /them at the master BT wall plate /socket without any other phone extensions connected to it.

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Disconnections when phone in use

You could probably add bands for ring signalling and CLI signalling too.

In any case, the ranges you describe are in kilo-hertz (kHz) and not Hertz (Hz)