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Direct line adverts

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Direct line adverts

Is it just me, or do the television adverts for Direct Line Insurance imply that all their customers are tight-fisted?

There's the one, where the customer crows about how much money he's saved, so he can afford to take his girlfriend for a slap up lunch at a "Greasy Joe's" cafe. Or the one where he's saved so much money he can afford to buy his girlfriend a cheap bunch of flowers from the garage.

It seems to me that the implication is that Direct Line customers make the unrepenant Scrooge look like a philanthropist!

John :twisted:

Direct line adverts

Couldn't claim to remember any of their ads until you mentioned a couple.

Perhaps, rather, it's an admission of how much the savings amount to!

You have to credit the marketing folks -- they're telling you quite plainly that the savings aren't worth having, yet they're presenting that as a great plus to win your custom for the company!