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Did Osama's man win?


Did Osama's man win?

Osama bin Laden's late intervention in the US presidential election, giving the American people the benefit of his analysis of world events, was seen as an attempt to influence the outcome of the election.

Osama makes his address

Personally, I wasn't sure which candidate he was attempting to promote, which begs the question: did his preferred man get in? What do you think?

No sitting on the fence on this -- a straight "Yes" or "No" please.

Did Osama succeed where Michael Moore failed?

Will the President be hanging Osama's "Eve of Battle" speech in the Oval Office?

Bush Re-elected

Hi Task,

Yes! well Bushes re-election really does go to proove how completely DUMB!! Americans really are and especially the conservative right christians. My prediction that bush would get in yet again wasnt that hard either. I think Bin Larden will be very satisfied as he will continue to have the same opponant to rail against, & continue his medevil crusiade to turn the world into a completely extreme Islamic state. I think the world is an even more unsafe place this morning.

I think bush will be happy be cause he can pursue his macho aggorant paranoia policies against Bin Larden & his terrorist network. Ah! yes and all in the name of GOD and of course GOD blessed america of course, americans are special because of this DONT YA ALL KNOW!!!

Michael moore might not have ALL his analysis correct but I think his heart is in the right place, anyway america needs someone like moore to continue to challenge the right wing madness.

GOD BLESS YOU TASKY!!!! (hand on heart of course!! whilst standing to attention)


Did Osama's man win?

I had a feeling this one would draw you out, Ivan!

You might find a common understanding expressed in Has the UK ever hated a US leader and other threads at the same place. Some of the views there certainly keep me amused!

And I see someone else is asking about Osama bin Laden's interest in this (Dubya vs Osama --The Rematch). No replies so far, though...