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Derren Brown - The Heist


Derren Brown - The Heist


I am sitting down to watch Derren Brown - The Heist.

Just wondering if anyone else finds the way this sort of mind manipulation works fascinating or if its just me lol


Derren Brown - The Heist

I've seen him before on a previous show, where he walked though a room with lots of razor sharp objects blindfolded. He asked someone who could see where to step next, and just from the questions he judged where to step next.
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Derren Brown - The Heist

It is clever stuff. It makes you wonder how much we are manipulated in our daily lives. I wonder if plusnet uses subliminal messages?

Derren Brown - The Heist

I wonder if plusnet uses subliminal messages?

Maybe there's one coming though right now "Plus Net Are Great" lol lol lol

Derren Brown - The Heist

Aaron lol,

That was a good show I have to admit. To get 3 out of 4 people to nick off with £100k.
Makes you wonder though just how prone we are to suggestions. And how if the person or persons doing the suggesting are good enough or strong enough we are even more inclined to go along with it.

But then again thats not meant as in the sense of normal interaction i meant if someone had the skills to meddle with the mind in ways most normal men and women wouldnt realise.
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Derren Brown - The Heist

Tom ,in the nicest possible way, I hadn't realised you were that young!

People can be persuaded to do ANYTHING.

Do a Google on "stanford prison experiment" for an intro to it. There'll be links there also to lots of other fascinating experiments that they did, but can't do now as it would be against somebody's human rights.

It's not PC to say so, but in similar circumstances, the Nazi holocaust would happen again with all the soldiers just "doing their duty".

And the REALLY depressing thing about it all is that these people include you and me. However different you think you are, you're not..

And also have a look at where this guy who used to be a magician and escapologist spends his life exposing all the frauds who manipulate people for profit.
You think homeopathy works? You believe in dowsing or feng shui? You think people can contact the dead or read minds? You think Uri Geller has supernatural powers?

Or perhaps you just smoke, or buy junkfood, or tell yourself that you take your decisions based on logic?

It's a totally absorbing subject, and if you spend a bit of time looking into it it will both open your eyes and depress you unimaginably.

I've just watched the programme, and pleased to see that they repeated Stanley Milgram's electric shock experiment. I'd only ever seen it done in grainy black and white, but the outcome was exactly the same.

(Edited for typo Stanford university, thanks)

Derren Brown - The Heist

It's the Stanford Prison Experiment, not stamford.

It's an illustration of how people can fit into certain roles when placed in certain situations, but it's not a guarantee of how people will behave.

I'm not sure people can be persuaded to do ANYTHING, and a lot depends on the environment and lots of other factors. Yes there are prescribed ways of how people are expected to react when placed into certain situations, but people being people means everyone reacts different and it means you might not get what you expected.

As for the holocaust, it has happened since, just for different reasons. I think if you wanted to discuss such a subject and in relation to this topic, it’s as well to bear in mind all the factors before and during the war.

Derren Brown - The Heist


How young do you think I am then?
Yes I believe that given the right knowledge and means you are able to manipulate the vast majority of minds and predict just as many also.

I have seen some form of experiment on TV about a year back or at least it was a TV show ( series/film ) which I think refers in some way to your afore mentioned experiment. The end results were that the people roled as guards ended up commiting murder making them no better than the convicts they were supposed to be holding.