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DNS name


DNS name

hello forum
I just wondered if anyone could help me becasue force9 technical support couldn't. I have a domain name and dns name I want to test a portal and a need to register another dns name aginst alvro how do i do this i want can anyone help?Huh

Registration of Domain Name Replying Ivan

Hello soulwaxer

OK to answer your question, normally when anyone buys a new domain name it has to be registered with the name authority and in the country concerned so in this country (UK) the organisation you would go to is NOMINET UK.

As you already have an exsisting domain name are you completely sure that what you require IS yet another domain name? If you have an exsisting domain name you dont as far as I know need to register a sub domain name.

Example: (normal domain name)
(sub domain name) or or (non of these require any special registration)

**Sub domain's DONT require further registration with nominet UK as they are covered by your primary registred domain name i.e.

**so if all you really want is i.e. then that should work without any special regstration.

**But if what you DO want is a new domain then yes! nominet uk is who you have to register it with (who or where you buy it from is another thing all together though).

PS: A google search will give you NOMINET UK's link & details.

Hope that helps? Ivan
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DNS name

put the server on the internet with a public ip. Get hold of the people who do your domain information and modify your zone files. Tell them to put in Then modify the A record on that host to point to its IP address.

Leave it 24 hours for dns to propigate and you have your server.


thanks guys