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D-Link will not connect off new PC

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Registered: 22-08-2007

D-Link will not connect off new PC

I have a DSL-G604T d-link, and had three PC's connected to it, we now want to add a fourth. Two PC's connect via cables, the Lap top works fine off a "Dongle" and as we have two dongles I can say it works fine off either dongle.

The problem is when you plug a dongle in to the new PC not only does it not connect but then neither will any other PC off the router. The only way, it seems, to get the system up and running again is to unplug the router, wait a while and try again.

I have spoken to a chap at D-Link who by his own admission was baffled. The PC in question HAS connected at some point, only briefly and we can't remember the circumstances of this connection and relate back to why it worked then and will not now. It is running windows XP home.

If you call up the status screens on the failing PC and the OK laptop they are the same, so that all looks OK.

Help!! Cry

D-Link will not connect off new PC

What service pack are you using on XP-Home, as if I remember correctly on initial release a lot of the networking components were not included, as it wasn't designed for network use.

It was only in a later service pack that it was re-added.

I have the DSL-G604T and currently have the following attached to it, without any problems

2 x pc's - cabled connection
1 x printserver - cabled connection
3 x wireless connections of which
1 x iplayer using 11b (BT-Voyager 1010)
1 x laptop using 11g (LinkSys 2.4g)
1 x pc using 11g (D-Link DWL-G122 USB 11G)

Earlier this year there was a firmware upgrade for the router, even though I had no problems with mine I've upped it to the latest version.