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Credit Card Fraud


Credit Card Fraud

I have had my credit card details used without my knowledge, I recently took my car in for an M.O.T, and was advised, I would need a new Master Brake Cylinder + all brake pipes refitting, because garage owner could not get hold of brake cylinder for two months, I obtained said piece of kit off Internet site, a price was agreed, vehicle held over in garage for 24 hours, following day, paid by credit card, whilst chatting to owner, found out he was off to Paris with family, I recieved my statement six weeks later, with £187.54 added to my statement, three transactions made in paris, the rest to New York or California, not amused, my credit card company blocked my account after four days, and I contacted them when I recieved my statement, both the Police and my credit card company are now looking into this matter, I only hope these fraudsters realise the law has now changed regarding fraud!!! and they all get what they deserve!!!

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Credit Card Fraud

So the dimwit told you he was off to Paris before using your card number there? Or was that a coincidence?


I have now had feedback from the fraud division of my credit card company, they have said they have an agreement with the company involved ( Blizzard Entertainment ( World of Warcraft) that they are reimbursed ) this scam is affecting Mastercard and Visa, so anyone out there please check your credit - debit card statements, took me an hour today, on customer service, big scam, probably romania, or poland, garage not involved, been checked, just down to illegal immigrents.
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Credit Card Fraud

I work for an internet company who sells TV's which as you would of guessed is high on the wishlist for the fraudsters. Its amazing what lengths they go to try and get the goods. We have started our own security checks now as bank checks just are not good enough and from getting loads of fraud orders its been fraud free for months now.

I've spoken to customer who have been hit by this and one person even had there identity cloned and someone went in to a bank to apply for a credit card under there name !

From now on i will only use a CC online as you have more rights as to getting your money back as the ball lies with the CC company to get the funds not you as long as you were careful with your card, no more Debit card transactions for me s its just not safe.

All they will do with your transactions is start a charge back on all the company's your card was used with and recall all the funds back.


Credit Card Fraud

I had a call a few months ago from my credit card company.

Sombody had bought flights to Paris and Italy (forget which city), and a couple of rail tickets for French and Italian railways.

Because I don't often use my card, the company had been suspicious of all these transactions appearing, and called me to check.

As soon as I told them it wasn't me, they credited my account with the cash, and sent me a declaration to sign and return.

Strange really, as the few times in recent memory that I'd used the card was at a small independant garage (in Elland, W Yorks)

Turns out his skills as a mechanic weren't up to scratch either, so I'll not be returning there!